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Guy Falkenheimer

 Valatie, NY 12184

(518) 449-3391(Office)
                                    (518) 265-3605 (Cell)
Seamans Church Institute,NYC/Lifeboatman/AB
Marad/MSC Shipboard Firefighting(Basic & Advanced)/Freehold,N.J.-1998
SUNY Maritime/Unlimited Radar Observer-1998/MTI-'04 (Renewed)/Suny Maritime-'07
Marine Survey Course/Marine Surveying/Jamestown,R.I.-1994
American Marine Training/USCG-1989
New York City First Line Fire Officer School/Supervisor-1989
Siena College/ NY Insurance Brokers-1978

Work experience (Marine)

  Dutch Apple Cruises, Inc     Albany, NY    Captain 1998-2002

  Spirit of St. Joseph Cruise Lines   Rensselaer, NY Mate/Capt.  1990 - 1998

  Albany Port Ventures  Port of Albany   Capt.  1998-2006                                                         

  Troy Town Dock and Marina  Troy, NY Capt.  1990 - 1996

  Capt. JP Cruise Lines , Troy, NY   Capt. 1999

  Sea School, Inc.  Baldwin,  NY Instructor -   2004-Present

  Chapmans Seamanship School, Stuart, Fla.Instructor-2003/04

  Coast Marine Services   Captain-Marine Surveyor-1994/Present  Albany, NY

  Hudson Cruises, Inc. Captain/Owner-2003-Present, Hudson, NY


Accreditations and Licenses
USCG Master of Towing, 200T/ NC/AB/MOT ©
ABYC Standards Certified Tecnician (E)

Master of Towing DE (Designated Exaiminer) (E)

New York-CDL(Tractor Trailer/Motorcycle)© 
New York State Insurance Broker ©
New York Basic Boating Instructor ©
Accredited Marine Surveyor (SAMS)© AMS
New York Emergency Medical Technician CPR Instructor/EMT (E)
Bureau for Municipal Police-Security Guard Instructor (E)
NYS Dept. Parks & Rec-Certified Instructor(Basic Boating Course(C)
New York State Building Codes Inspector (E)
C-Current  E-Expired 

Additional Education
Public Safety Incident Command System/ HVCC-Zone 5-1993
US Power Squadron-Basic Boating Course-1984
US Coast Guard Aux. Flotilla 15-04 3rd Dist. N. -Seamanship-1985
Hazardous Materials I & II
Hazardous Materials Incidents I  



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